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Harvesting and Crafting


From a family tradition to a cultural preservation, my family has utilized luxurious sea otter hides to survive the Alaskan elements for thousands of years. As an Alaska Native (Alutiiq) family, we continue the traditional harvest and utilization of the sea otters for you to experience and to continue our craftsmanship and culture. We respect and harvest in a humane fashion and respect the breeding seasons of the otters, while also paying our respects to the otters sacrifice. Since the beginning of our symbiotic relationship with sea otters and the land that takes care of us, we pay our respect through cultural values; just as ranchers take care of their cattle by letting them roam free and protecting them, we do the same and are sure not to over harvest or allow any disrespect to the animals. 


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Legal Information

Alaska Native Sea Otter Crafts & Information

"Alaska Natives are the only people allowed under the MMPA to create and sell products made from sea otter hides. To qualify, these hides must have been significantly altered into Alaska Native handicrafts or articles of clothing. Alaska Natives have used sea otter fur to make warm clothing, bedding, and ceremonial objects. Highly valued for its soft and insulating hair, today sea otter fur is used by Alaska Natives to create not only artwork, but also a wide range of products that can serve a functional purpose in everyday life. Anyone can lawfully purchase Alaska Native handicrafts and clothing created from sea otter fur, but it is important to be an educated consumer." 

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